Brrrace Yourself, Houston! Arctic Blast on the Way!

Houstonians are gearing up for a major Arctic Blast, with the coldest temperatures since last December expected this weekend. Sunny conditions will give way to an arctic blast, with temperatures dropping well below freezing and the possibility of freezing drizzle ahead of MLK Day. Here's how to stay prepared:

🧣🧥 Dress Warmly in Layers: With temperatures plummeting, leave your Houston chanclas behind and dress warmly. The right layers are essential – thermal, insulating, and windproof. 

🐕🏡 Pets Need Extra Care: The weather will be too cold to safely leave pets outside. Ensure they have a warm, safe space indoors. 

🚗❄️ Icy Road Caution: Bridges and overpasses tend to freeze first. Be cautious if you must drive, especially on these areas. 

⛽🚙 Keep Your Car Ready: Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas for any necessary travel in the case of power outages. 

👵👴 Check on Your Neighbors: A little neighborly care can go a long way. Check on those around you, especially the elderly and those living alone. 

🔥⚠️ Cold Weather Safety Practices: Be mindful of risks like carbon monoxide from generators and stoves, power outages, and the dangers of leaving on stoves or using space heaters improperly. 

Warming Centers for Those in Need: Warming centers are available across Houston, Harris, and Fort Bend County for anyone needing shelter from the cold. For locations and details, visit Houston Public Media.

    Power Outages: For up-to-date information on power outages, visit the CenterPoint Energy Outage Center or call their helpline at 713-207-2222. To monitor the state of the power grid, check out ERCOT Grid and Market Conditions.

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