The Montrose Makeover: Trio of Boutique Hotels to Elevate Houston's Hospitality Scene

Houston's Montrose District is set to undergo a significant hospitality transformation with three upcoming boutique hotels. Learn more about these exciting additions and how they'll reshape Montrose's accommodation landscape.

    Credit: Lake Flato Architects | Hotel Saint Augustine

Houston's Montrose district is synonymous with vibrant nightlife, sumptuous dining, and charming boutique shopping. Yet, when it comes to hospitality options, the district has been relatively quiet—until now.

The Montrose area is on the brink of a hospitality renaissance, with three new boutique hotels soon to grace its landscape. These additions will not only enhance its charm but will also introduce nearly 300 contemporary hotel rooms to cater to both tourists and locals.

Hotel Saint Augustine
Hotel Saint Augustine is envisioned by the Austin-based Bunkhouse group. Located enticingly near the Menil Collection campus, sandwiched between Richmond and West Alabama, this 71-room gem promises luxury and style. The Bunkhouse group, known for their iconic projects such as Hotel Saint Cecilia and Hotel San Jose in Austin and Hotel Havana in San Antonio, ensures that Hotel Saint Augustine will be nothing short of spectacular when it opens its doors in late 2024.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park is still in its conceptual phase. Situated at the junction of Hyde Park and Stanford, the planned 52-room, seven-story marvel is the brainchild of the Mighty Equites group. Collaboration with the City of Houston is underway to finalize the hotel's blueprint.

The Allen
The Allen is shaping up to be a showstopper. Thompson Houston is in the process of crafting a shimmering glass edifice on Allen Parkway with a panoramic view of Buffalo Bayou. Slated to have 172 opulent rooms, guests can look forward to 360-degree vistas, a lavish pool deck, and a holistic full-service spa. As per Houstonfirst, Thompson is celebrated as a top-tier luxury brand in the Hyatt collection. Visitors can eagerly anticipate its grand opening, with reservations starting from November 1st. Furthermore, The Allen won't just be a hotel—it's a mixed-use entity that will also house upscale condos and ritzy retail spaces.

These imminent boutique hotels are proof of Montrose's commitment to offering an enriched hospitality experience, marking a new chapter in its storied legacy.

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